Bahman Rezaei a Retrospective

Bahman Rezaei a Retrospective

"Bahman Rezaei a Retrospective" is a bilingual book which contains two parts literary and visual that was published by the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in collaboration with Mojdeh Art Gallery in the fall of 2023 and was launched at the Museum. In the literary part with which the book begins, after the introduction, the artist's introduction and biography we face 6 articles written by experts in this field about Rezaei's works. The book has been written by Ebadreza Eslami Koulaei, the former head of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art on the importance of the museum's attention to the pioneering artists and their appreciation, in the introduction section, Mojdeh Tabatabaei, director of the Mojdeh Art Gallery, describes the process of collecting this book and the mission of the Gallery which is introducing less celebrated pioneering artists. The book's biography was written by Saadat Afzood, which is a complete description of Bahman Rezaei's personal and professional life. The first article of this book begins with the pen of Dr. Ilmira Dadvar, a professor at the University of Tehran, who examines Rezaei's works with a comparative look at the history of the world's caricatures and other cartoonists.

Dr. Marzieh At’hari Nikzam and Sohrab Ahmadi subsequently present an semiotic analysis of Bahman Rezaei's works, and then Dr. Zeinab Golestani deals with the artist's mind in the process of creating works. Farbod Morshed, with a close look at Rezaei's works, visualized the verbal humor, and finally, Dr. Javad Mojabi, in a letter to Professor Bahman Rezaei, about his last collection of "Life again", makes valuable points. At the end of a note from Masoud Mehrabi's note, published in the past about Bahman Rezai's works.

After the articles, the visual part of the book begins. This section includes the collection of Rezaei's works as follows: Freedom, Nails and Hammers, Antiquities, Miniacature, Another Life, Pen and Pencils, Dailiness Living, Natural Landscapes and A Glance at the Publications. Each of these collections has been started with a statement about them and an attempt has been made to include the image of the main works of each collection.

By reading this book, you can see a complete perspective of Bahman Rezaei's 6 decades of professional activity.

​Saadat Afzood