Tree Series

Tree Series

The tree is one of the expressions of the form that Manouchehr Niazi has followed since the beginning of his artistic and professional career. These trees are either single or collective, or associated with formal units similar to buildings or with actors with human bodies.

Sometimes they are in combination with Masuleh collection. Over time and passing through the seventies, Niazi’s trees have moved from formal expressions to conceptual expressions. In these expressions, the trees on the stage of Niazi's paintings have become symbols whose meaning is multifaceted and in process. This means that although these trees refer to the tree in real nature, but in the reading of the painting and with the entry of history and the viewer's mentality, the meaning is placed in a dynamic and a process that takes a significant distance from the classical representation. It should be mentioned that the conceptualization process of these trees is a movement from realistic forms to more abstract forms and a kind of fresh color combination with a distance from referential reality.

Sohrab Ahmadi

  • Manouchehr Niazi - 100 × 100 cm - Oil on canvas - 2004
  • Manouchehr Niazi - 20 × 20 cm - Oil on canvas - 2000
  • Manouchehr Niazi - 100 × 100 cm - Oil on canvas - 2000
  • Manouchehr Niazi - 60 × 90 cm - Oil on canvas - 1987 - Private Collection
  • Manouchehr Niazi - 100 × 70 cm - Oil on canvas - 1982 - Private Collection
  • Manouchehr Niazi - 100 × 150 cm - Oil on canvas - 1995 - Private Collection