Director of Mojdeh Art Gallery in a conversation with ISNA

The Economy of Art is Facing a Serious Decline

The Economy of Art is Facing a Serious Decline

If the galleries want to hold an exhibition, first the right conditions must be provided and the obstacles must be removed.

Mrs. Tabatabaei first explains the difficult conditions of the galleries in the last few months by referring to the filtering of social media:

"In the last three months, even if an exhibition was held due to circumstances, it would not have its own audience as before. On the other hand, many artists themselves were not eager to participate in an exhibition. It is important to mention that a huge part of the advertising of each exhibition was done through social media and related platforms in this field, after the restrictions and lack of access to the virtual space, the galleries suffered loss of audience. In addition, considering the recent events and the current sorrowful situation in the society, there was no need to hold an exhibition."

Regarding the selling and buying artists' works these days, Tabatabaei adds: "In this unstable economic situation of the country, our only effort is to be able to accompany artists and the society, and despite the presenting artworks limitation (censorship), we present the young artists’ artworks to collectors in order to support them. "Unfortunately, before this situation, the relevant organizations did not provide acceptable support for young artists, and now the artist class is in under financial pressure."

In another part of her speech, Tabatabaei said: "Due to currency fluctuations in the country, the investment aspect in the art economy has also weakened. These fluctuations have caused public anxiety and confusion among investors in the art market.”

In response to the criticism of some who believe that the space for displaying works in galleries should address a part of the essence of art, which is attention to protest aspects, he says: "Before the galleries were closed, the Visual Arts Center forced the galleries to send pictures of artworks before holding an exhibition and many works were eliminated from the exhibitions despite their appropriate visual and conceptual aspects, now according to the existing conditions, it is obvious that the Visual Arts Center is against holding exhibitions displaying artworks with the subject of protest arts and puts pressure on the galleries, despite the fact that art is the living language of the mood of the society and should be more expressive these days than ever before, but unfortunately we are facing such limitations."

Pointing out that there are not only exhibitions taking place in galleries offline, Tabatabaei says about the way her gallery works these days: "Mojdeh Art Gallery is active in two ways: first, introducing artists and presenting and holding exhibitions, and second research. Considering the current situation, our focus on research activities has moved center stage. It is hoped that soon we will be able to work without restrictions in order to elevate the culture and art of this land as much as possible."

source ISNA