Azim Morakabatchi

Azim Morakabatchi

Azim Morakabatchi is a contemporary painter and illustrator born in 1977 in Ardabil city. He has had 6 solo exhibitions and more than 35 group exhibitions in his career. Morakabatchi studied painting academically at the undergraduate level at the University of Science and Culture and is a permanent member of the Iranian Painters Association.Apart from university studies, continuous study and activity in knowing the characteristics of the painting medium has created a new and personal expression in Morakabatchi’s works. His expression over time shows his transition from representing reality to a vector drawn between reality and abstraction. In such a way that the color, composition and lines of the painting oscillate on the border between reality and abstraction, sleep and wakefulness, madness and rationality. In addition to the expressive form of painting, to express these borderline and sometimes confusing elements, Morakabatchi has also used other forms of expression such as illustration and video, which, like painting, express the complex and borderless world of Morakabatchi. Sometimes he crosses the border between different media, sometimes by knowing the limitations of media and sometimes by knowing the capabilities of each media, he goes towards discovering a new expression and he  sometimes connects the media to each other. The most important point is that in his artist books, he creates a deep and continuous link between the verbal media, i.e. language, and the non-verbal media, i.e. illustration, and this issue is also evident and traceable in the statements he wrote during different years for his exhibitions. In such a way that the artist's statement is not as an interpreter and carrier for the perception of the painting, but as an independent medium in the direction of linking verbal and non-verbal language. Azim Meskaranchi is a bilingual artist and therefore benefited from the culture of both Persian and Azeri languages, and this benefit from two languages in his works has led to the richness and clash of two cultures. He entered popular culture by using Azeri folk stories and uses these stories and the literary language of imagination to create textures and roles that are not only representative elements for illustration or painting, but they convert the image to an arena for thought and contemplation in culture and language.

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مجموعه آثار عظیم مرکباتچی / Azim Morakabatchi      مجموعه آثار عظیم مرکباتچی / Azim Morakabatchi      مجموعه آثار عظیم مرکباتچی / Azim Morakabatchi