Manouchehr Niazi

Manouchehr Niazi

Manouchehr Niazi was born in 1937, Tabriz. he has devoted more than 7 decades of his life to art. An art so entangled with music that resulted in creating such poetic artworks. In reality, he has converted his deep spiritual impressions based on a tremendous affection for classical music to phantasy images of nature and humans. His artworks fluctuate between realism and romanticism and from time to time courageously sweep towards abstract art.

Nature is the essence of most his works and yet the particular angles of nature: trees, forests, village cottages and occasionally people sneaking miserably through dense trees…looking besotted, depressed and empty; a sort of critical look and philosophy of Niazi’s into modern human which has been going on for years. Human figures in his works are mostly masses of cramped indistinguishable figures. They look baffled, dazed, sunken and discouraged. Sometimes they gaze into space and sometimes they are about to return and perhaps leave. His demolishing human crowds fading in perspective indicate this ever-increasing decadence and futility of today’s modern and mechanic life of ours.

A well-known critic wrote once: “Niazi’s paintings always envisage a deeply rooted solitary that imply the painter’s fathomless solitude. He cannot hide his bewilderments and blues not even behind his bright reds, delightful greens and salient yellows. Niazi is a fine poet and a narrator of “emptiness”. With his harsh strokes, spatula grooves and heavy shades of colors, he is to be regarded among the rarest survivors of modernist romanticists in Iranian painting. The one who is wishing for impressionism while working as a realist and craves for leafless faraway forests in today’s lifeless cities.” (A sad narration of remote forests, Ayandegan Newspaper, Sep 25, 1974)

Manouchehr Niazi is an artist with more than half a century experience in painting. However, he still strives to explore new territories of art and stay dynamic.

Mojdeh Tabatabaei
January 2015